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Design and creation

To start with we want to know the basic requirements for your site. How many pages are you looking for? How quickly do you need the website? We can deliver the first draft in just three days if need be! If you're in a hurry make sure you have all of your content planned out first. We can help you with this in stage 3.

Just getting started and thinking you might need a logo designed too? We can help! Our wonderful team of designers have designer 100's of logos for clients in the past.

If your website has a specific structural requirement (pages/delivery time) that isn't listed below please let us know via the chat icon below or email - one of our friendly team will be in touch! 

Stage 1
Stage 2

Hosting and Maintenance 

At this stage we look at the hosting of the site, this means where the site 'lives' online. You will also be able to choose how many email addresses you require with your site, you can choose your addresses to be whatever you want:

Here you will also find options for maintaining your site, website maitainence can be completely managed by our team if you would rather focus on building your company. In this instance, you just send any updates, product changes or image changes to us and we will take care of it. We can do this for as little as £5 per month.





Stage 2
Stage 3

Content + Story

Be heard in a noisy world! In a market offering almost unlimited options, a myriad competitors clamour around an audience whose attention span is minute; if they are not engaged within a few seconds, they’re on to the next thing.


Having a strong story and clear, succinct messaging will give you an edge over the tumult. So let us help you with punchy copy, and a story that’s personal, appealing, and - most importantly - compels your visitors to hit that ‘buy’ button.

Alex here! Storytelling is a passion of mine, and I’m fascinated by what inspires and motivates people, their values and vision, where they came from, and what makes them tick. I know that with a strong personal story, you can not only elevate your message and fortify your brand, but also boost your confidence, self belief, and sense of direction!


I am excited to have teamed up with a fantastic author and copywriter to bring you a unique story discovery process. Through an engaging combination of video calls and worksheets, we help craft and hone your story. Through this powerful process you’ll not only make your website more impactful, but you’re likely to find out more about you, gain clarity on your unique offering, and who knows…perhaps gain a healthy dose of self esteem!

- Content service offerings - 

Proof Reading: Proof reading is where we check your existing copy for any typos, grammatical errors or other mistakes.

Wordsmith your copy: This is our polishing service, where we take your existing copy and tweak and tighten it to make it a more compelling read, making your visitors want to hit that ‘buy’ button.​

Write your copy: No content?  No problem.  We can create content for you, from your brief.  

You can even have a one on one discussion with one of our team to talk about what you want to achieve with your content. (charge extra for this?)

Write your story/bio: Struggling to blow your own trumpet?  Let us do it for you.  We will work from your brief, or even have a one on one discussion with you, to really get under your skin and into the authentic ‘you’.


We believe so strongly in this process we are offering all Elevated Media Design customers a FREE 30-minute strategy call - to discover your story.

Stage 3
Stage 4


Stage 5


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